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Open Source Tech Support or Consultancy?

Look no further than the Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide’s Author!

If you are in need of Open Source based support or consulting services, be it remote assistance or in-person (Wellington, New Zealand only), then look no further than the author of this website!

Alistair Ross presents at the Interface Expo, Auckland QBE StadiumWith over fifteen years exposure to Linux in both large corporate environments such as Amazon, GE as well as small businesses, Alistair J. Ross has been at the forefront of Linux for most of his professional life. He loves providing creative solutions and best of all, it’s at a rate suitable to you or your business.

Results based outcomes with the skills to back it up!

Alistair has expert knowledge with many open source technologies including LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Web programming and databases is no problem. From CMS customisation including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla to Kernel performance tuning, Alistair can help make your open source visions a reality. Talk to Alistair today about your open source based personal or business needs and see how he can match them to a solution that fits your needs.

Training without the Techno-babble!

Alistair prides himself in being a people person, not a techno-babble speaking geek, so if you need one on one training or class based sessions for your business, why not discuss your training needs to find the perfect programme for you.

Can you integrate with non-Open Source?

Of course! Computing only exists through the existence of multiple technologies and technology businesses. Without Microsoft, IBM or Apple – would there even be Open Source? Who knows! The fact that your business needs to operate in a world with many different technology sources means that interoperation is the reality of any outcome based business.

Get in touch!

Alistair now operates an open source consulting business, OpenTech, contact OpenTech today with your requirements.

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