htaccess and htpasswd give basic authentication measures with Apache2

How to password protect web sites via .htaccess

SKILL LEVEL: SYSADMIN/ADVANCED – TIME: 5-10 MINS Introduction In this tutorial we are going to show you how to protect a web site, or just a folder within a site, by password protecting it. We will be using the most popular web server, Apache2 for this example, however similar methods can be done with other web servers. The method we will be using is a basic authentication system, however it is easy to set up…

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Image of a terminal prompt

Pro Tip: For, While and Until Loops

LEVEL: SYSADMIN / TIME: 1-2 min. Here’s some handy quick reference examples to go back to easily if you are needing to use for, while and until loops in your bash shell scripts. This is perfect for bookmarking and coming back to at a later date. I am always forgetting the subtle syntax differences that bash has, compared to other languages I use, for example C, PHP, Python etc. Before I show you the examples,…

Using Google Drive via the Ubuntu Control Center

How to use Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and more in Linux

Google Drive hasn’t been supported on Linux officially, well, ever…. It’s been possible to use it in the past using third party apps like inSync¬†or the more basic Gdrive. However since version 3.18, the GNOME¬†desktop has inbuilt support for Google Drive ‘files’. We will also be covering a third party tool called RCloneBrowser which supports OneDrive and Dropbox as well as Google Drive, so you can choose whether you’d like to use the new ‘native’…