How to disable ‘recently used files’ in Ubuntu 18.04

nautilus gnome files

Sometimes it’s nice to see the files that you have recently accessed. They are in the file browser (Nautilus), just up in the top left under ‘Recent files’. Sometimes, however, you might have a secret […]

How to change the hostname of your Linux machine without needing to restart

Image of a terminal prompt

hostnamectl method Since Ubuntu 16.04 (and most recent Linux distros) use Systemd you can simply use the hostnamectl command to change hostname. To see current setting, run your Terminal just type the following command: $ […]

Howto: Facebook Messenger on the command line

Messer logo

Just as you thought life at the command line couldn’t get any weirder, it’s now possible to chat to your Facebook buddies on the command line whilst you geek out on your bash scripts! Here’s how […]