ULNG Guide Chapter List

1. What is Linux

If you are completely new to Linux, or any Operating system for that fact, this chapter covers all of the main primer aspects including:

  • What an Operating system is
  • What Unix is all about
  • How Linux differs from Unix

2. Why Linux – What are the benefits?

Chapter two answers the burning question that you really need to know before going out and just installing a new operating system: Why do it and what does Linux actually offer me?

3. Choosing a distribution

If you have not yet Installed Linux on your computer, you might want to have a look at this chapter for information on choosing a distribution (a flavour of Linux) that suits you. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of different flavours out there, however a few stand out from the crowd. This chapter discusses those distributions and gives you a few handy links to places where you can find out information about other distributions.

4. Preparing to install Linux.

This chapter deals with ascertaining what you need to do to prepare for installation of Linux, including ensuring all your hardware will work with Linux.

There is also information about how different versions of Linux work with regards to software/package management.

5. Installing Linux (Ubuntu).

This chapter gives a full step-by-step guide to installing a popular Linux distribution.

It shows full details and of each stage and gives full details of all the choices along the way, including information about partitioning your hard disk drive. There is also a video of an Ubuntu installation which you can watch as you go along!

6. How do I get software for Linux?

Okay, you’ve installed Linux, you’ve chosen you’re GUI, and you’ve picked up a few basic commands. You’re probably feasting for some software now. Linux has an abundance of software out there, mainly available over the net, mainly for a zero fee. This chapter covers how and where to get software.

7. Using Linux every day for work and play

Linux offers so many different uses, and finding out how to do it all can be a difficult task. This chapter makes it easy to find out how to do all the things you want to do with your computer in one easy page. From listening to music, watching TV, using office software and even playing games, this chapter covers all the standard desktop uses of a home or small office PC.

Additional Content & Tutorials:

Managing files and directories

Ever wondered what the /etc /home /usr /bin /dev /proc /mnt /tmp /var and /boot directories in your root directory ( / ) are actually for, and what goes where? This tutorial covers that.

This chapter also covers how to keep your files in good order, moving files, copying files, renaming files and very importantly, the security part of files (or permissions). It is important that you don’t give permission for everyone to run, read or execute on certain files, be they private to you, or files that are sensitive to the security of the system. This chapter covers the usage of the chmod, chgrp and chown utilities to manipulate permission of files.

I don’t know any commands

This chapter covers the one thing newbies love to hate: Linux (bash shell) commands. Commands are not a necessary skill for all users, but many other Linux people use them because of their versatility, so by the time you finish this chapter, hopefully you won’t mind doing basic commands as much.

There are a number of other longer tutorials also, so don’t forget to check them out from the upper menu!

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