The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide eBook 2019


Hot off the press for 2019, it’s the updated Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide eBook PDF edition! 

This eBook edition contains all of the main chapters from the site, as well as some select tutorials and tips for you to take with you wherever you go! Note that the eBook edition is only a snapshot and will be updated annually/bi-annually.

Thanks for your continued support to the Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide!

Alistair J. Ross

Principal Author


What’s in the eBook?

The 2019 edition of The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide contains the latest, freshest version of the guide, totally revamped for 2019. It’s ideal to download and read in your own time, perhaps on a Kindle, iPad or even in paper format. Doing so means it’ll be easy to read along at your own pace, especially when it comes to installing Linux.

The guide helps you understand what Linux is, why you’d even want to consider switching from Windows or Mac to Linux. Then it goes on to discover ‘distributions’ of Linux and making the right choice for you. After that, it’s time to install Linux. The guide steps you through a typical installation of Linux on a PC that has Windows already installed. It assumes that you want to keep all your existing files (and Windows, just in case!). Finally, the rest of the guide is all about using Linux on a daily basis as well as introducing you to the plethora of excellent free software titles that often beat their commercial, proprietary counterparts.

The ebook also has some bonus content, which is selected from the ULNG site.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About The Author
  3. About the Author (continued)
  4. The Guide
  5. Chapter 1: What is Linux
  6. Chapter 2: Why Linux – What are the Benefits?
  7. Chapter 3: Choosing a Linux Distribution
  8. Chapter 4: Preparing to Install Linux
  9. Chapter 5: Installing Linux (Ubuntu)
  10. Chapter 6: How do I use Linux?
  11. Chapter 7: Using Linux Every Day
  12. Other Tutorials
  13. Linux Command Line Introduction
  14. Is there a OneDrive client for Linux?
  15. How to use Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and more in Linux
  16. How to install Linux on a Macintosh and dual boot with macOS
  17. How I got my job in Linux: from Newbie to Pro

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