Using Google Drive via the Ubuntu Control Center

How to use Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and more in Linux

Google Drive hasn’t been supported on Linux officially, well, ever…. It’s been possible to use it in the past using third party apps like inSync¬†or the more basic Gdrive. However since version 3.18, the GNOME¬†desktop has inbuilt support for Google Drive ‘files’. We will also be covering a third party tool called RCloneBrowser which supports OneDrive and Dropbox as well as Google Drive, so you can choose whether you’d like to use the new ‘native’…

Using Google Drive from the Linux Command Line

GDrive Gdrive is a command line tool which manages, uploads, downloads, deletes and shares files on Google Drive. You can download the tool from Github at Unfortunately it does not support file synchronisation. Installation Download the binary package from the github website and install sudo mv drive /usr/local/bin Alternatively you can install from source code. Next, simply run drive and it will provide you a URL which authenticates you using OAuth. Usage drive [global options] <verb>…

How to use Alpine to use iCloud/GMail email from the command line

Some times you are in an ssh session, administering a machine, it’s a slow link, or it’s just not practical to have a shiny graphical email program up and running. None the less, you need your email. How do you do this? Simple! Just use the Alpine email client. In the below video tutorial you can use this step-by-step instruction to set up Alpine for Apple’s iCloud (aka MobileMe) email service or Google’s Gmail service.