SuSE Linux, a popular Linux desktop operating system

What is GNOME, KDE, MATE, Unity etc? – Window Managers and Desktop Environments

Desktop Environments. Window Managers. GNOME. MATE. KDE, Unity, XFCE. TWM, i3, AwesomeWM… You’ve probably seen these words thrown about across this, and many other Linux websites that have something to do with Linux desktops. All of these items are Window Managers and some are Desktop Environments. What’s a Window Manager? Put simply, a Window Manager is the system that gives the graphical desktop its look and feel as well as sometimes providing the framework for all…

linux desktop themes. There are literally thousands available to make your desktop look just like you want!

How to theme your Linux Desktop

Are you tired of the way your desktop looks? Those icons and widgets that once seemed so endearing are now looking a bit shabby or dated? Fear not, here’s a quick tip on how to get some nice new eye candy for your favourite desktop! There are literally thousands of themes out there. Themes can comprise wallpapers, icons, widget looks (eg the sliders, mouse pointers, radio buttons and so forth), they also can contain custom…

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What is X, XFree, XOrg or X Windows?

What X is Not: X is not a product by Microsoft with the letter X before it. X does not affect the way graphical windows on your screen look X won’t let you browse through files in a graphical manager X is NOT a GUI (Graphical User Interface) X doesen’t sound like it does a lot, does it? Well read on to find out why it’s an essential part of Linux! What X does: X11 (and it’s variants, XOrg,…