Quick and dirty hacks: one line HTTP Server

SimpleHTTPServer with Python

Some times you just want to prove a concept by running a web server on a server, or even your desktop somewhere. The problem is, it seems a bit overkill to install a whole web […]

How to get to a service/server which is on an inaccessible network (using SSH tunnels)

shell prompt image

In the latest of our ‘just the examples’, imagine you are in a scenario where you want to ssh to a server (or even browse a web page etc) on a server you cannot directly get […]

80 Linux Monitoring Tools for SysAdmins

Have a look at this excellent list of tools for monitoring your Linux servers! We could add the same list, but it would just be downright thievery, it’s the most comprehensive list of its kind […]

View your log files in colour and in an easy to read format


This is a wonderful tutorial from the guys over at lintut.com to show how to navigate your way through log files easily. Log files are notoriously difficult to read because it’s difficult in the sea […]