Debian 9 ( Stretch ) is here. Finally!

Debian 9 Softwaves

Debian Stable is Stretching out

The GNU/Debian LogoDebian was my gamechanger for Linux. It is and always has been the motherload of Linux (in my humble opinion). Everything good in the world of Linux came from its burgeoning hips over the 20 odd years Debian has been around. From Ubuntu to Kali, Raspbian to SteamOS, Linux Mint to Mepis, Debian is their upstream provider. It has been the distribution that kept the GNU in its name, remained truly free through volunteers and has provided support for an ever-growing, impressive number of system architectures.

Ten architectures supported!

Debian 9 (codenamed Stretch) supports 10 architectures:

  1. amd64
  2. arm64
  3. armel
  4. armhf
  5. i386
  6. mips
  7. mips64el (new)
  8. mipsel
  9. ppc64el
  10. s390x

Download link

You can download the Debian DVD ISO from this link. or, like most people, try out the Live CD image.

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