How to install Firefox Quantum and speed up your web browsing

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This week, the web’s been ablaze, on fire even (pardon the pun) with the release of Firefox Quantum. Apparently it’s 2x faster and uses 30% less memory than Chrome. In today’s just the examples, here’s how to install it on your Linux box to get the latest fast goodness from Mozilla. It might even make die hard Chrome browser fans make a move!

Install Quantum in Ubuntu 17.10

The latest Ubuntu distribution (17.10) has been updated to include the latest version of Firefox in their main repositories. Once you update as below, Quantum is Firefox version 57 or greater:
sudo apt update
apt upgrade
firefox --version

How to install Firefox on other Linux distributions that don’t have v57 in their repositories

wget -L -O firefox.tar.bz2 ''
tar xf firefox.tar.bz2
cd firefox
./firefox &

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