Screencast recording with Green Recorder

Green Recorder Screencaster

Ever fancied recording your very own video tutorials like those here at The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide? Well, there’s a new app for that in town that the folks over at OMGUbuntu wholeheartedly recommend.

You can download Green Recorder via PPA (Ubuntu Personal Package Archive) by entering the following at your Terminal:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mhsabbagh/greenproject
sudo apt update && sudo apt install green-recorder

Packages are also available for Fedora via DNF, as well as Arch Linux.

If you are in any doubt as to it’s credence in abilities, check out OMGUbuntu’s review. It’s early doors yet, it only works with Ubuntu/Linux Mint and Debian derivatives, and you can’t specify or crop to a particular region with this app. It records your entire screen.

A little bit more info, from the authors site:

A simple yet functional desktop recorder for Linux systems. Built using Python, GTK+ 3 and ffmpeg. Currently it supports recording audio and video on almost all Linux interfaces. However, Wayland support (GNOME session) is expected to be added soon.

The following formats are currently available: mkv, avi, mp4, wmv and nut. You can stop the recording process easily by right-clicking the icon and choosing “Stop Record”. Or middle-clicking the recording icon in the notifications area (but doesn’t work on all interfaces).

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Don’t forget to check out the Official Green Recorder website

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