Solus 1.2.1 Screenshot

Solus OS: The desktop your girlfriend might like (Video Review)

Yep, you read the title right! Solus is officially the desktop that you could sit in front of your significant other. She (or he) could probably pick it up, say “ooh, this looks nice”, and then actually be able to use it, straight away without fuss at all. Video time Solus is not a server operating system. It’s not made for terminal tinkerers and it’s not made even for Linux fanboys (it looks a lot…

Hitman game for linux released

Hitman The Complete First Season for Linux and Mac now available

Hitman is the game that took the games market by storm. The complete first season, released on 31st Jan for PC. Usually Linux is left trailing far behind, or most commonly, not at all. This time, however, this major games series is as up-to-date and ready for fun as it is on any other platform. You can get it from Steam, or via Feral Interactive, who released the Linux port on Feb 16th. There’s also…


Video Guide of how to install elementaryOS (Loki) + Review

ElementaryOS is a really popular Linux distro for new users. It looks and feels like macOS. It’s fast, free and slick. It’s loosely based on Ubuntu (it uses 16.04 at the moment as it’s base, so the software you can download for it will be familiar to most). In this quick article, we’ve got two treats for you; a video tutorial showing you how to install it, as well as a brief intro to the…

A picture of a cheeky peeking cat

Take video screengrabs of your desktop in GIF format with Peek

Review of Peek 0.72 omg Ubuntu and Jason and Noah from the Linux Action show recently reported on a new tool that lets you record a section of your screen and easily export it as a GIF. Peek was built “for the specific use case of recording screen areas, e.g., for easily showing UI features of your own apps or for showing a bug in bug reports,” explains the developer. “It is not a general purpose…

How to use Alpine to use iCloud/GMail email from the command line

Some times you are in an ssh session, administering a machine, it’s a slow link, or it’s just not practical to have a shiny graphical email program up and running. None the less, you need your email. How do you do this? Simple! Just use the Alpine email client. In the below video tutorial you can use this step-by-step instruction to set up Alpine for Apple’s iCloud (aka MobileMe) email service or Google’s Gmail service.