VIDEO: Twenty Five years of Linux in Five Minutes

Twenty Five Years of Linux Video

If you’ve read Chapter 1 of the Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide, you’ll have a reasonable understanding of the underpinnings and history of Linux. However, what you may not know is that Linux is now a quarter-century old. Of course, when I refer to the word ‘Linux’, I mean the Linux kernel – the heart of Linux itself, which came along a little bit before more of the useful apps and tools that we know and love to use with Linux today. This video from the author of, sums up in a short five minute video, what happened over the twenty-five year lifespan of Linux.

From how it got started, to the SCO lawsuits, brew-ha’s over code repositories and IBM’s financial investments and the rise of the Internet of all Things Linux (IoT), this short video gives you just enough insight over your coffee break. Take a look!


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