Who needs Adobe Creative Suite? The Free Linux Alternatives!

adobe creative suite killers in linux

The Ultimate Linux Creative Suite?

If you are a creative type, Adobe Creative Suite, or its component parts, such as Illustrator, PhotoShop and Premiere have been for years known as the tools of the trade. But what if you wanted to break away from the shackles of Adobe’s expensive licensing fees? Adobe have also refused over the years to port CS to Linux, much to the dismay of many creative organisations and individuals.

Many of the people familiar with Linux are also familiar with the venerable “GNU Image Manipulation Project” (or, GIMP, as it’s usually known!), but did you know that there are many more alternatives for each of the Adobe Creative Suite programs that run natively on Linux, for example DarkTable and Inkscape.

Check out this great blog entry from makeuseof to see why you can quit Windows/Mac OS and Adobe today and get creative, with professional software, for free.

7 Apps That Prove You Don’t Need Adobe Creative Suite on Linux


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