FOSS Force Best Desktop Linux Distro 2017

Another year goes by and the ever present ‘This is the year of the Linux Desktop’, statement is true as ever in 2017 as it was in 2007.

For the last few years, the FossForce website has been running a vote to poll which its readers perceive to be the best distro for the desktop. At the time of writing, the final round for voting is heating up. The poll shows that elementaryOS is leading by 343 votes over its closest rival, Arch Linux, with 455 votes. Yes. Arch Linux. Don’t get me wrong, Arch Linux is a great distro. It’s customisability is second to none, but for a desktop operating system, for average Joe User, I think Joe would rather be used as a target at a local archery than celebrate its desktop usability.

Why not vote for your favourite desktop Linux distribution and even out the balance!

Vote for yourself over at Fossforce:

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