Video demonstration: How to get to grips with the GNOME Desktop

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Now that you’ve read all about the various different applications you can use every day on your Linux desktop, why not see it in action! The following videos taken from our Articles & Further reading section show you each element of the Ubuntu Desktop so you can completely familiarise yourself with all that it has to offer.

Part 1 of 3: The basics of the basics of the GNOME Linux Desktop, Essential applications such as text editors, photo editing, instant messaging, e-mail and web browsing with Firefox.

Part 2 of 3: Using the standard Office suite (OpenOffice/LibreOffice), how to navigate your files and folders on your computer and other computers as well as using the settings menu:

Part 3 of 3: Using Virtual Desktops and Installing Software as well as software repositories (sources) explained:

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