How to automatically make your Windows drives become available to Linux on startup.

Here’s a handy utility that will save you any technical nastiness. It’ll make your Windows drives (partitions) show up in the Ubuntu file manager so you don’t have to mount them by hand each time you want to access them.

NTFS Mount in Linux
How to use the ntfsmount tool to automatically connect your Windows partition on startup

1. Launch the Synaptic Package Manager or the Ubuntu Software Centre.

2. Search for ‘NTFS Configuration Tool’

3. Install it.

4. Once installed make sure any drive you wish to Auto-mount is unmounted. Do this either my restarting Ubuntu and not mounting the drives, or by ejecting them via nautilus’ side-pane or the terminal.

5. Launch the ‘NTFS Configuration Tool’ from System > Administration > NTFS Configuration Tool.

6. In the NTFS Config. window, check the box next to the drive(s) you wish to automount.

7. Click Apply.

A new window will appear, however only check ‘Enable Support For Internal Device.’ . Your windows NTFS partition should now automatically mount on reboot each time.

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